Why is my homepage not indexable?

If your Ryte Dashboard shows that your homepage is not indexable it might be due to various reasons. First, you should ensure that the page itself actually is indexable. Potential pitfalls are listed here.

If none of the issues detailed in the article above apply it might be that the homepage URL used in the project settings isn’t the canonical version of your homepage. For example, the homepage URL used in the project settings might be missing the trailing slash or use HTTP rather than HTTPS.

First, open the project settings and navigate to “Test settings”. This will allow you to test the URL that is currently listed as your homepage. The URL has to return the status code 200 and the canonical should be self-referential. If the tested URL redirects or passes its link juice to a different URL, the test results will give you the target URL. Just copy this target URL and repeat the test as often as necessary. Once you have the indexable version of your homepage URL, copy it. Got to “Advanced Analysis” > “What to analyze” > “Homepage URL” and enter the actual homepage URL. With the next crawl, the homepage should be listed as indexable in the Dashboard.

Note: Testing and changing the homepage URL is only possible starting with the Basic Suite. Free accounts can also use the Single Page Analysis in Website Success to get the status of their homepage URL, or compare the URL in the project settings with the canonical tag in the source code of your homepage.

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