What is the Content Success Module good for?

The Content Success Module analyzes terms that are used often within the top ranking results in Google to a given Keyword.

The TF*IDF KPI is being calculated individually for every document and every term that is analyzed in this tool.

The table in the report shows effective terms, evaluated in combination with your chosen keyword. Please note that TF*IDF is not about the different mathematical values. Don't put too much emphasis on them. TF*IDF is about getting new ideas for your websites content.

Term: Is the Keyword we are looking at in this row. This can be either a one or a two-word combination.

Documents: Shows the amount of documents which are containing the term. The percentage shows the proportion of the analyzed documents which contain this term.

TF Total: is the total amount of the term to be found in all analyzed documents.

TF*IDF Avg (Used): This KPI list calculating the TF*IDF Score. It´s taking only the documents into account which contain the term.

TF*IDF Avg (All) : This KPI list calculates the TF*IDF Score and taking all the documents into account. Regardless if the term is contained or not.

TF*IDF Max: This is showing the documents with the highest TF*IDF Score found in the analyses.

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