Export contains special characters What can I do?

Within the export functions we offer the download of a CSV (Comma-separated values) file. If the exported CSV is opened in Excel, the spreadsheet will look as if something went wrong. This is not an error within the export but a visualisation issue and can easily be fixed.

1. Download the CSV file you want to analyze.
2. Open an empty Excel Spreadsheet.
3. In Excel: go to the tab "Data" -> "From Text" -> select the CSV file downloaded from RYTE -> click on import.
4. Use the wizard in order to import the file. IMPORTANT: make sure that as "Original data type" -> "Delimited" is checked and the "File origin" is "Unicode (UTF-8) then Press "Next".
5. Check on "Delimiters" -> "Comma", then press "Finish".
6. Import Data: Select where to put the Data in the Spreadsheet and click "Ok".

Now you should see the exported Data from the RYTE Tool separated individual rows and columns.

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