Why can´t I see the keywords I just added to the tool?

Why are the keywords I just added to the tool are not visible yet?

The RYTE Keyword Monitoring supports almost every language and every country in the world. You can add one word (a single keyword) per line or you can add long keyword combinations (more than one word). Most times keyword combinations are the most successful way to monitor your site.

RYTE is scraping the keywords you´d like to check individually. This means: there is no database where we are getting the keywords from. We do it for every single customer.

After you add your keywords it can take about a week until we receive the current data. So once a week the RYTE Keyword Monitoring gets fresh rankings.

If you want to make sure that your keywords are getting an update, please add them until Thursday.

Klick here for more informations about the RYTE Keyword Monitoring:

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