How can I export data with Ryte?

All Website Success reports can be exported as CSV, XLSX, JSON or XML.



1. General information

2. Exporting all URLs with Duplicate Content 


1. General information

To export the content of a table, just click on the button with the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the table. There's the option "Data export".



Now, choose the file format and the limit of rows. Currently, the limit for rows is at 100,000. For opening the downloaded file with Microsoft Excel, make sure to open the file by clicking "file", "import" and choose "CSV".


2. Exporting all URLs with Duplicate Content

To export the Duplicate Content report with all URLs on which Duplicate Content was found, start by using the navigation on the left side of your screen to go to Website Success Content Duplicate Content Duplicates and export the data as explained above. You use the various filter options to filter the results in this report before exporting the data.

Your exported sheet contains the column "body_md5". This column shows the hash value of the content on a URL. URLs with the same value in this column are duplicates – you can easily identify the URLs with duplicate content by sorting your data according to the value in the column "body_md5".



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