How can I fix my nofollow links?

The easiest way to fix internal "NoFollow" links is to change them into "DoFollow" links.

Unfortunately, we can not tell how to adjust those in your website managements system, but we can give you a guidance on how to locate them on your page.
At first, you have to identify these links.

Go to: „Website Success" -> "Links" -> "Overview" -> "Nofollow Attribute". Click the chart to add a filter to only see "internal Nofollow" links.

You will get a list of all nofollow links.

Now the next step will be to find the "nofollow" in the source code of the linking page. So open the "[Source] Document" in a new browser and open up its source code (You can do so in the Chrome Browser by right clicking on the page and select view source code). Using the search function to search, look for URL of the "[Target] Document".

Please keep in mind that the link could be a relative one, so when you do not find the whole URL try to look for the URL path with out the domain in front.

As soon as you have found the Link, you can check your backend system, retrace the reason for the attribute and adjust it.

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