How do I monitor my competitors?

The first step to track your competitors is to start with the keyword monitoring. In RYTE, it is possible to monitor nearly every keyword in any Google index in any country.

To start with your first keyword, click on the Search Success Icon in the left navigation bar. Click on "Keyword-Settings". A new window opens and you can click on "Add Keywords".

Choose your operating market. Now you can add single term keywords or a more-term-combination per line.

Once a week RYTE is refreshing your keyword rankings. You should add your keywords until Thursday to get the newest ranking results on Saturday.

After the first ranking update has been made, click on "Competitor Comparison". On the top, you can see some filters. Like Domain 1 (there should be your domain) Domain 2 and Domain 3. Then you can click on those domains and add your competitors.

Next, we refresh the table below. Now you can see your rankings compared to your competitor´s rankings. You can change your competitors as often as you like.

Possible Use Case: add two competitors and create a CSV export. After that, change your competitors and check some other competing websites. Afterwards, you can reunite the exported data into one sheet."


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