How can I get started after my first crawl?

You have just got the results of your first crawl and do not now what exactly to do with the data?

Here is some basic info in order to get started:

Firstly: when you don't know which one is the best or the most successful you should take a look in our knowledge area: Knowledge Base


Find more here:

- Sign-Up for english webinars and get in about one and a half hours a detailed guidance through our tool by our CEO Marcus Tandler. --> Webinars

- RYTEMagazin latest know-how about websites and SEO our blog is kept up to date and gives great insights --> Magazin

- RYTEWiki - complex technical terms easy to understand and broken down into small pieces.  --> RYTEWiki

- PDF's: 100 tips for a better website & Technical SEO Audit all put together in simple PDF documents you can do:
--> 100 Tips for a better website
--> Technical SEO Audit

So there are several ways to start. If you want to you can start instant by a single-page-analysis.

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