How can I cancel my account?

The account owner can cancel the Ryte account in the account settings with only a few clicks. Click on your profile picture and choose “Accounts” to view all of your accounts at one glance.

If you have more than one contract, use the button “Manage” next to the contract you wish to cancel and go to the tab “Packages”. You can now see the name of your package, the start date, the next renewal date, the runtime and the cancellation period. If the account has already been cancelled the end date will be listed instead of the cancellation period.

Once you hit “Cancellation” you will start the cancellation process. Please answer the questions in the short questionnaire – your feedback will help us make our product even better!

Once your cancellation has been sent you will automatically receive a cancellation confirmation via email, containing the end date of your contract.



If you haven’t received a cancellation confirmation please contact


  • The package “Free” has neither a cancellation period nor a renewal date, as it’s an unlimited package. To delete your Free account, please write an email to
  • The in tool cancellation is only available for the account owner. If you don’t have the option to cancel the account you are most likely a user who was invited to the account. Please get in touch with the account owner to enter the cancellation.

Also note: 

For some accounts the position of the cancellation button may vary (see screenshot). 


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