What is the Website Success Score?

The Website Success Score is determined by the OnPage Scores of every single analyzed URL. To get the Website Success Score, which is displayed both on the Dashboard and in the Website Success Overview, you simply take the average of the OnPage Scores of your URLs. This article gives insight into how the Website Success Score can be raised and how it relates to the category scores Website Quality, Content Quality and SEO Quality.



How is the Website Success Score determined?
How can I improve my Website Success Score?
How does the Website Success Score relate to the category scores?


How is the OnPage Score determined?

The Website Success Score is the average of the single OnPage Scores calculated for every analyzed URL. The OnPage Score (OPS) is an aggregation of various metrics, such as status code, subfolder level, tags (e. g. H1, alt tags, meta description), indexability, SSL encryption and more. Depending on these factors the analyzed URL receives an OPS between 0 and 100. 


To see what OPS a URL has, go to Website Success > Indexability > What is indexable? and add the column “OPS” to the table via the customize table feature.



So if your domain consisted of two URLs, one of which has an OPS of 20, the other of 80, the Website Success Score would look like this:


# URLs = 2
OnPage Score URL 1 = 20
OnPage Score URL 2 = 80


Website Success Score:     (20 + 80) / 2 = 50


The OPS is not to be confused with the OnPage Rank (OPR), which is determined by how strongly you internally link to the URL. The OPR has no bearing on the Website Success Score.


How can I improve my Website Success Score?

To improve your Website Success Score you have to take a look at the URLs with the lowest OPS. To do that go to the indexability report and add the column “OPS” as described above. You can then use this column to sort the analyzed URLs by their OPS. By improving the OnPage Score of the URLs on your domain you increase the Website Success Score as well.


The URLs with the lowest OnPage Score are often broken pages or redirects. To get as high a score as possible, make sure that your internal links always point directly to URLs that answer with the status code 200 (success).


How does the Website Success Score relate to the category scores?

The Website Success Score has no direct correlation to the category scores Website Quality, Content Quality and SEO. These category scores are influenced by the issues reported in Website Success > Overview


Having said that, some of the issues can influence the OnPage Score of the affected URLs, so solving issues can also help with raising the Website Success Score. 

The Website Success Score is just one of the metrics Ryte provides to gauge your website’s potential for optimization. Seeing as it’s an aggregation of the OnPage Scores it’s actually really unlikely for a domain to reach a Website Success Score of 100.
Rather than focusing on the exact score, we recommend just making sure that your website is optimized overall by increasing the category scores and ensuring that the Website Success Score doesn’t fall into the red range.

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