Ryte offers a bulk upload function to easily upload a list of keywords to Keyword Monitoring. Please make sure your CSV meets the following requirements:

Basic file structure (4 columns total, one for each category):

  • Keyword

  • Country (use the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code to specify a single country or use “glb” to monitor the keyword globally.)

  • Device (use "desktop", "tablet", or "mobile" to specify the device or "any" to get the aggregated data.)

  • Labels (add multiple labels separated by a semicolon or leave empty if you don't want to add any labels.)

Please make sure to follow the above order in your CSV (Keyword, Country, Device, Label). For each keyword, country and device must be defined as well, labels are entirely optional.

Should you wish to monitor a keyword for various countries and/or devices you will need to enter each keyword/country/device combination in a new row.


  • Max. 1k rows per file

  • Enclose every column in double quotes (when not adding any labels put empty double quotes "" in the labels column)

  • Use commas as the delimiter

  • Values must be entered in all lower case

Tip: Some programmes add background formatting when creating CSV files. If your upload fails despite following the above instructions open your CSV file in a text editor to make sure the format really is correct. You can use the find & replace feature of your text editor to easily fix formatting issues with your double quotes.

You can also download our CSV template to help you create your CSV file.

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