You can add keywords to Keyword Monitoring using multiple ways: via the Keywords report found in Search Success > Analyze, directly in Keyword Monitoring or in bulk using our CSV upload option.

1. Keywords report:

When you open Search Success > Analyze > Keywords you can choose which keywords you want to monitor by using the “+” icon at the end of a row. Once the keyword is monitored the “+” icon changes to a check mark.

Please note that you have to initialize Keyword Monitoring by adding at least one keyword to Keyword Monitoring using this method before the below options become available.

2. Keyword Monitoring

To add a self-defined keyword you can use the “Add keywords to monitoring” option available in Keyword Monitoring itself. You can set the country, device and any labels for the added keyword by clicking on the cog icon in the column “Action”.

3. CSV upload

To upload a list of keywords to Keyword Monitoring you can use the upload option. For more information on this, please see our article “Bulk upload to Keyword Monitoring”.

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