RYTE is analyzing your internal link structure. Pages with less internal links are less important. You can also see this by checking the OnPageRank (OPR) at the left side of every report in RYTE. It shows you which pages are the most or less important pages (on a scale from 0 to 100) of your domain. This is really helpful to understand which pages are the strongest. Links from pages with a high OPR have a higher impact comparing to pages with a low OPR.

Indexable pages with less than 3 incoming links are very unlikely to make their way into the index of Google. Ask yourself the question: is this an important page and does it need more links to perform better? Or is this page not important and can therefore, be ignored?

How to fix this issue:
Pages with less than 3 incoming links need more links. Think about it in a big context. Do I have other pages which are treating a relevant or similar topic? Maybe a link from those pages is useful for your visitors and for search engines.
There are exclusions like small blogs which have only a few HTML documents. In those cases, it's nearly impossible to get more links to a page with less than 3 incoming links.

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