Resolve critical errors and monitor your site's performance using Ryte Website Success

Review one page at a time, analyze your whole domain, or monitor your progress over time. Here's how it works:

Single Page Analysis

You can crawl one page at a time to validate new content or review small changes without having to crawl the whole domain. You can also compare your pages to competition URLs.

Start with a Single Page Analysis

Full Website Analysis

The overview section shows the results from the latest crawl. This provides you with a summary of your project at a glance and allows you to quickly see areas for improvement.

  • The crawl statistics show you how many URLs were analyzed on your domain and when the last crawl was started

  • Besides HTML documents, the URLs also include image URLs as well as JavaScript, CSS files and other assets

  • If the crawler finds more URLs than it was allowed to analyze, you can raise the crawl limit under Settings -> "How many URLs you want to crawl?"

Every report displays your results in well-structured graphs and tables.

Take a look at the evaluation and structure of your Ryte reports as well as the numerous filter functions.


Use Monitoring to keep an eye on your website and receive immediate notifications if something is wrong, like if your website experiences unexpected downtime.

We constantly monitor the performance of your server through a variety of metrics. Ryte also enables you to view the accessibility of your robots.txt every hour and receive email notifications if your site goes offline.

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