If the Ryte Dashboard indicates that the home page is not indexable, there are several possible reasons. First, you should make sure that the page is indeed indexable. Here is a list of possible reasons why a page is not indexable.

If none of these reasons apply and the page is indexed, the warning is probably due to the project settings. For example, the start page in the project settings may be set to HTTP instead of HTTPS or the trailing slash may have been forgotten. To check this, first open the project settings and select the "Test" tab.

The start page of the project is entered automatically. Now test this URL to find out if the URL is indexable. To do this, the page must return the status code 200 and the Canonical, if it exists, must reference itself. If the URL redirects you can take the target URL from the test results and simply start a new test with this URL. This can be repeated until you get an indexable URL. You can then copy this URL and enter it in the project settings under "Advanced Analysis" > "What is analyzed" > "Home URL".

Please note: The test function and changing the start page is only possible with the Basic Suite and higher. Free accounts can use the single page analysis to check the status of the start page or compare the URL directly with the Canonical tag in the start page source code.

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