There are different ways how you can add keywords to the keyword monitoring: via the keyword report, via keyword monitoring itself or via a keyword list as CSV file.

1. keywords report

Under Search Success > Analyze > Keywords you can add a keyword for monitoring by clicking on the "+" sign at the end of a line. As soon as the keyword is monitored, a check mark appears instead of the "+" sign.

Please note that the keyword monitoring must first be initialized using this method. Once you have added a keyword to monitoring using this method, you can also use one of the variants below.

2. keyword monitoring

Once Keyword Monitoring is initialized you can also add your own keywords you want to monitor directly via Keyword Monitoring. Once the keyword has been added, you can add country, device and labels in the "Actions" column of the gear report.

3. upload CSV file

There is also the option to upload a keyword list as a CSV file. For more information and the specifications for uploading, please see our article "Uploading keyword lists to Keyword Monitoring".

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