The RYTE single page analysis is very useful to analyze a single URL in seconds. This can be your homepage or important category and product pages you are working on. The advantage over the normal crawl is that you do not have to wait for the results of the full analysis of your domain. Instead, you can check a specific URL at any time and see, for example, directly whether optimizations are working. Even websites of your competitors can be checked in real-time.

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How many Single Page Analysis you can do per month depends on your Account.

Free Accounts: In the Free Account you can do 5 single page analyses per month.

Basic Suite: In the Basic Suite you can do 100 single page analyses per month.

Business Accounts & higher: In Business or higher accounts you have an unlimited number of single page analyses available. In addition, you can start queries with different user agents and define languages and countries, which are simulated with proxies.

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