It may seem, that you are looking at the same site when you look at the sites with the identical content and a nearly identical URL, the only difference being the trailing slash "/" at the end.

Even when it looks harmless you are looking at the danger of duplicate content, meaning that there two pages, that may be indexed. But there is no label which one search engines should prefer (e.g. Canonical Tag). Additionally, then you are splitting the link juice and not concentrating it to one site.

Therefore, it is better to define a regulation about how to treat internal linkings, either all links should end with a trailing slash or without one.
A consistent treatment of the trailing slash is useful regarding the avoidance of duplicate content.

If however there are different versions of a page it is important to identify the links, that direct to those versions and to make sure, that right version will get those links.

It is possible to identify those links in the RYTE Website Success module. Just go to the report "Links" -> "Overview" -> "List of all Links" Then it is possible to "Add Filter" that "URL (Target) and set the filter to an exact match "is" to the given site.
After that you will find all links directing to this version. Repeat this process to the other version page and then decide for one of those versions and adjust the links to this version you decide for.

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