If you have been invited to a Ryte account but only see a spinning icon, the account owner hasn’t given you access rights to their project yet.

After the newly invited user has accepted the invitation they don’t have any project access rights right away. As a result, they will only see a spinning Ryte icon.

If you are a newly invited user you can check if this is the case by looking at the URL in your browser. If you have been invited to a project the domain name will appear as part of the slug. If you don’t see the domain name you don’t have access rights to any project yet. Get in contact with the account owner (the person who invited you to Ryte) and ask them for the necessary project rights. Once the rights have been granted you can simply reload the page. The project data should now appear.


If the domain name does appear in the slug but you still don’t see anything but the spinning Ryte icon, please contact support@ryte.com for assistance on the issue.

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