You can limit the crawl to a specific subdomain in the project settings. The best way to do this is using the whitelist.

Here a short example: if we wanted to analyze only the subdomain “” in our project “” we would go about it like this:

  1. Make sure the toggle “Analyze subdomains” is active. If this toggle is deactivated all subdomains that differ from the one originally set in the project settings would be flagged as “external links” and an analysis of the different subdomain wouldn’t be possible.

  2. Open the whitelist by via “Advanced analysis” > “Ignore/include URLs” > “Include URLs (whitelist)”.

  3. Enter the URL string of the subdomain you want to have crawled using regex. In our example above, that would be “”.

  4. Test your settings.

For further information on the whitelist, please see our help center article How to ignore or include URLs.

The setting "Analyze subdomain" and the whitelist are available for the packages Basic Suite and higher.

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