You have the possibility to connect Google Analytics with Ryte to

display metrics of the property in your account.

You can connect your Analytics account as follows:

Click on Project Settings in the top right corner.

Then switch to the Tab Google Services. Click on + Settings.

Here you can link your GA property via the Google Analytics button.

Why do I want to use the Google Analytics connection?

By linking your GA Property you can access various Analytics metrics in the Website Success module. In the menu on the right, you will find the category Google Analytics, including numerous reports.

The advantage for you?

You do not have to switch between Analytics and Ryte to view this data.

Another big advantage is the personalization of your general error reports.

You can add analytics data to every available report in Website Success. This allows you to sort errors by page views, for example, to internally prioritize pages that are visited more frequently. 👍

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