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What does this base report show?

This report shows you an overview of your sitemaps, and which URLs is in which sitemap. See a list of URLs in your project in the left hand column, and the sitemap they are in on the right. Including URLs in your sitemap helps search engines crawlers index them more quickly. A sitemap gives search engines an overview of your site structure, showing them which pages you want to have indexed.

How can I work with this base report?

The default columns in this report include incoming links and status code. Click on "customize table" to add or remove columns, sort and filter the data to view a specific subset of data.Examples:

  1. Sort the data to identify which URLs are not included in a sitemap, and ensure they are added.

  2. Add a column "indexability" to check that all pages included in sitemaps are indexable, as is recommended.

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