Our mission is to help you improve your website in the best way we can. With Ryte’s Website Success module, you have the possibility to analyze a single page or crawl your complete website. No worries, we also monitor your website for accessibility. 



The overview section displays the results from the latest crawl. This provides you with a good overview of your project and helps you identify key optimization factors. 

  • The crawl statistics show you how many URLs were analyzed on your domain and when the last crawl was started.

  • Besides HTML documents, the URLs also include image URLs as well as JavaScript, CSS files and other assets.

  • If the crawler finds more URLs than he was set to analyze, you should raise the crawl limit under Settings -> "How many URLs you want to crawl?":


1.1  What are SEO, Technical, and Content Aspects?

Your crawl results are subdivided into SEO, Technical, and Content-related aspects. The degree to which there is optimization potential in each category is being illustrated using a traffic light color scheme. This helps you to easily identify the aspects on your website that need your immediate attention.

  • Aspects refer to the various areas that are analyzed by Ryte.

  • Every aspect is assessed using a checkbox that shows you the changes compared to the previous analysis.

1.2 Reports

Every report displays your results in well-structured graphs and tables.

Take a look at the evaluation and structure of your Ryte reports as well as the numerous filter functions.

This screenshot is taken from the Content > Title > Length report. Here, you get to see which of your URLs' titles are too short, too long, missing or have an ideal title length. Below the graphs there are all URLs listed that fall in the respective categories.


1.3  Always at your side: The URL Inspector

Clicking on the magnifier behind each URL in the reports takes you to the URL Inspector. Here you'll find all details of the URL as gathered by the last crawl. Use it, for instance, to get a Duplicate Content report of all your web pages that have duplicate or very similar content:

1.4 Filters

In addition to the graphs and tables, you can also sort the results and apply different filters to refine your analysis. Clicking on the "Add filter" button lets you set the filters you want easily.


Your are just about to launch a new landing page and you would like to check it for errors before going live? Or do you wish to analyze competitor URLs? Perform an instant analysis of any single URL with the Single Page Analysis.


As much as you are allowed to go offline at times, your website should never. Your website’s load time is not only important for your users but also for search engines: Inaccessible or slowly loading pages can affect your search engine rankings negatively. Use Monitoring to keep an eye on your website and receive immediate notifications if something is wrong.

3.1  Server Monitoring

We constantly monitor the performance of your server. Ryte checks if your website is accessible to your users. You can also check if any peak loads of over four seconds have been detected in the past. For the analysis, you can either specify a certain period or have the analysis performed for the entire duration.

3.1 Robots.txt Monitoring

robots.txt monitoring checks the accessibility of your robots.txt every hour. Once we detect downtimes, we will notify you immediately via e-mail. In addition, we constantly check for any changes in your robots.txt file and show you a list of all detected changes. Clicking on the magnifier enables you to check at any time if everything is okay or if there are any errors.

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